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au fil de: suggested translations

au fil de
: suggested translations

Consult this page to find suggested English equivalents for "au fil de."

during, from, in the course of, over, over the course of, through, throughout, with

  • au fil de notre conversation / during (in the course of) our conversation
  • acquérir une certaine sagesse au fil des années de service / acquire wisdom from years of service
  • l’affaire a été traitée au fil de nombreux mois / the issue has been handled over (the course of) many months
  • au fil des ans, on a établi des entreprises / through the years businesses have been established
  • au fil de l’histoire, on s’est servi de différents arguments / throughout history different arguments have been used
  • ces réductions d’impôts se bonifieraient au fil des ans / these tax cuts will increase with the years

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