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assister: suggested translations

: suggested translations

Consult this page to find suggested English equivalents for "assister."

aid, assist, contribute to, give a hand, give aid to, give assistance to, help, help out, lend a hand, provide assistance to, provide help to, provide support to, support

  • programme qui assiste les gens les plus touchés / a program that aids (supports) those most affected
  • assister ces pays dans leur reconstruction / assist these countries in their reconstruction
  • assister une foule d’organisations dans la communauté / contribute to a broad range of organizations in the community
  • demander au chef d’équipe de l’assister dans cette tâche / ask the team leader to give (lend) him a hand with this task
  • assister les pays en développement / give aid (assistance) to developing nations
  • assister les employés dans leurs projets / help (out) employees with their projects
  • assister financièrement les provinces / provide financial assistance (help, support) to the provinces

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