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actuellement: suggested translations

: suggested translations

Consult this page to find suggested English equivalents for "actuellement."

already, at present, at the moment, at the present time, at this juncture, at this moment, at this point, at this stage, at this time, at this very moment, currently, here and now, in this day and age, just now, now, nowadays, presently, right now, these days, today

  • il existe actuellement des programmes visant à fournir une énergie complémentaire / supplementary energy programs are already in place
  • actuellement, on a tendance à écrire ce mot sans trait d’union / at present (at the present time, at the moment), the trend is to drop the hyphen in this word
  • actuellement, l’économie est vigoureuse / at this juncture (at this point, at this stage), the economy is strong
  • des élections sont actuellement en cours en Afghanistan / elections are occurring in Afghanistan at this moment (at this time, at this very moment)
  • le serveur principal est actuellement hors ligne / the main server is currently (now, presently) off line
  • les effets des changements climatiques se font sentir actuellement / the effects of climate change are being felt here and now (right now)
  • on a du mal à imaginer que cela puisse se produire actuellement / it is hard to believe that this could be happening in this day and age (today)
  • nous tentons actuellement d’arrêter une date / we are just now trying to decide on a date
  • les femmes représentent actuellement plus de la moitié des électeurs / women now represent more than half of all voters
  • actuellement, on parle beaucoup de biocarburants / there is much talk about biofuels nowadays (these days)
  • nous procédons actuellement à un examen exhaustif / we are doing a comprehensive review right now
  • le Canada compte actuellement cinq musées nationaux / today Canada boasts five national museums

NOTE: In some instances, you can omit the adverb actuellement in English and use a present progressive verb to refer to an action that is happening right now, as in the following example:

  • l’usine embauche actuellement des centaines de travailleurs / the plant is hiring hundreds of people

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