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acquiescer: suggested translations

: suggested translations

Consult this page to find suggested English equivalents for "acquiescer."

accede, accept, accommodate, acquiesce, agree, allow, assent, back, comply, concede, consent, fall for, go along with, grant, say yes, support

  • être obligé d’acquiescer au consensus / be obliged to accede to the consensus
  • acquiescer à cet amendement / accept (allow) this amendment
  • refuser d’acquiescer à sa demande / refuse to accommodate his request
  • acquiescer à la proposition / acquiesce to the proposal
  • acquiescer à la suggestion / agree to the suggestion
  • acquiescer à sa demande de financement / assent (consent) to her request for funding
  • acquiescer à cette partie de la réforme / back (support) this part of the reform
  • acquiescer aux demandes des employés / comply with employee demands
  • acquiescer à ses propos / concede many of the things he says
  • acquiescer à un tel argument / fall for that kind of argument
  • acquiescer aux demandes / go along with the demands
  • acquiescer à cette simple requête / grant (agree to) this simple request
  • nous devrions nous contenter d’acquiescer / we should just say yes

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