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accorder la parole: suggested translations

accorder la parole
: suggested translations

Consult this page to find suggested English equivalents for "accorder la parole."

allow the opportunity to speak, allow . . . to speak, call on, call upon, cede the floor to, give the chance to speak, give the chance to talk, give the floor to, give the opportunity to speak, give the podium to, let . . . speak, move on to, recognize, take interventions, yield the floor to

  • je suis ravi que le comité m’accorde la parole / I am delighted that the committee has allowed (given) me the opportunity to speak
  • merci de m’avoir accordé la parole aujourd’hui / thank you for allowing me to speak (letting me speak) to you today
  • si nous avons le temps, j’accorderai la parole à la prochaine personne / if there is time, I will call on (upon) the next person
  • c’est avec joie que j’accorde la parole à notre invité distingué / I gladly cede (give, yield) the floor to our distinguished guest
  • nous accorderons la parole aux experts, qui discuteront de santé et d’activité physique / we will give the experts the chance to speak (talk) about health and fitness
  • j’accorde maintenant la parole au maire / I now give the podium to the mayor
  • accorder la parole au prochain intervenant / move on to the next speaker
  • la présidente accorde la parole au membre / the chair recognizes the member
  • j’accorderai encore la parole à quelques personnes sur cette question / I will take a few more interventions on this subject

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