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absolument: suggested translations

: suggested translations

Consult this page to find suggested English equivalents for "absolument."

absolutely, altogether, appallingly, certainly, completely, entirely, extremely, firmly, fully, positively, radically, surely, thoroughly, totally, undoubtedly, utterly, whatsoever, wholly, without a doubt, without question

  • ne faire absolument rien / do absolutely nothing, do nothing whatsoever
  • cette approche n’est absolument pas la bonne / this is altogether (entirely) the wrong approach
  • le bilan est absolument déplorable en matière de violation des droits de la personne / have an appallingly bad human rights record
  • vouloir absolument faire part de son point de vue / certainly want to express her point of view
  • son comportement ne convient absolument pas / his behaviour is completely inappropriate
  • le ministre est absolument généreux à mon endroit / the minister is being extremely generous
  • être absolument convaincu / be firmly (thoroughly) convinced
  • le directeur partage absolument sa frustration et ses préoccupations / the director fully shares his frustration and concern
  • trouver ces principes absolument intéressants / find these principles positively interesting
  • avoir absolument et vraiment perdu tout contact / be radically and truly out of touch
  • devoir absolument évaluer les répercussions / surely have to assess the repercussions
  • un programme de gestion absolument insuffisant / a totally inadequate management program
  • la sécurité vient absolument au tout premier rang / safety is undoubtedly first and foremost
  • le personnel est absolument découragé / the staff is utterly frustrated
  • il n’y a absolument aucune confusion / there is no confusion whatsoever
  • un domaine relevant absolument de sa compétence / an area that is wholly (without a doubt) under its jurisdiction
  • il doit absolument en assumer la responsabilité / without question, he needs to take over the responsibility

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