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aborder: suggested translations

: suggested translations

Consult this page to find suggested English equivalents for "aborder."

address, approach, ask, board, bring up, broach, consider, deal with, debate, discuss, discussion, get to, handle, identify, introduce, mention, pose, pursue, raise, speak on, tackle, take up, touch on, treat

  • aborder ensemble les objectifs actuels / jointly address current objectives
  • la façon d’aborder ces choses / the way to approach these sorts of things
  • aborder la question / ask (pose, raise) the question
  • aborder et inspecter les navires de pêche / board and inspect fishing vessels
  • aborder assez brièvement quelques aspects / briefly bring up a few issues
  • aborder la question de la dette / broach (mention) the subject of the debt
  • aborder de nombreux sujets / consider a wide range of issues
  • aborder la question des examens normalisés / deal with the matter of standardized tests
  • aborder la question / debate the issue
  • thèmes à aborder / topics to be discussed
  • aborder le cœur même du débat / get to the core of the issue
  • aborder le problème soigneusement / handle (treat) the problem carefully
  • aborder certains des grands principes / identify some of the key principles
  • aborder un autre point / introduce (raise) another point
  • aborder le sujet des termes non sexistes / pursue (take up) the matter of gender-neutral language
  • aborder ce sujet / speak on this topic
  • aborder franchement ce conflit / tackle the dispute head on
  • aborder rapidement le concept / touch on the idea for a moment

NOTE: In some instances, the verb aborder may be translated into English by a noun, as in the following example:

  • thèmes à aborder / topics for discussion

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