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à un point tel que: suggested translations

à un point tel que
: suggested translations

Consult this page to find suggested English equivalents for "à un point tel que."

in such a way, so extensively, so much, so much so, so radically, to such a critical point, to such a degree, to such a level, to such an extent, to the extent, to the point, to the stage

  • réduire son personnel à un point tel qu’il compromet la sécurité de son service / cut back on its workforce in such a way that its commitment to safety is being called into question
  • réduire les subventions à un point tel que le secteur en souffre / cut subsidies so extensively (so radically) that the sector suffers
  • banaliser une question à un point tel qu’elle n’a plus aucun sens / trivialize an issue so much that it becomes meaningless
  • engorger le système à un point tel que cela va coûter plus cher qu’il en coûte maintenant / flood the system so much so (to such a critical point) that it will cost more than it does now
  • laisser les choses aller à un point tel qu’on ne peut plus s’attaquer aux problèmes / let things slide to such a degree (to such an extent, to the extent) that we cannot address the issues
  • la situation s’est détériorée à un point tel qu’elle est devenue intolérable / the situation has deteriorated to such a level it can no longer be tolerated
  • nuire au système à un point tel qu’il est dans une situation de crise / affect the system to the point where it is in crisis
  • comprimer l’entreprise à un point tel que celle-ci ne peut plus survivre / restrict business to the stage that it just cannot survive any longer

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