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a priori: suggested translations

a priori
: suggested translations

Consult this page to find suggested English equivalents for "a priori."

above all, a priori, at first, at first glance, at first view, at the outset, automatically, beforehand, first and foremost, first off, it is a given that, on the face of it, on the surface, prima facie, prior, to begin with

  • c’est un sujet qui, a priori, est sous sa responsabilité / this is above all (first and foremost) a matter under his jurisdiction
  • un exercice abstrait portant sur des concepts a priori / an abstract exercise in a priori concepts
  • mesures qui peuvent a priori sembler intéressantes / measures that may at first (the outset) seem interesting
  • une requête qui semble a priori séduisante / a request which at first glance (view) is appealing
  • aucune personne n’est exclue a priori / no one is automatically excluded
  • vérifier a priori certaines modifications à apporter au régime / test changes to the current plan beforehand
  • a priori, il n’est pas nécessaire d’aller plus loin / first off (to begin with), it is not necessary to go any further
  • a priori, tout le monde reconnaît leur apport à toute société démocratique / it is a given that we all recognize the importance of their contribution to a democratic society
  • il serait simple, a priori, d’accepter ce plan d’action / it would be easy, on the face of it, to accept the action plan
  • a priori, ce projet a beaucoup de bon sens / on the surface, the project proposal makes a lot of sense
  • constituer a priori un cas d’atteinte aux privilèges / constitute a prima facie case of privilege
  • il y a des conditions à remplir a priori avant l’émission d’un permis / there are prior conditions to be met before a licence is issued

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