Identifying active and passive voice

Although passive voice is possible in English, active voice is more natural and easier to understand because we immediately know who is doing the action.

This quiz will help you differentiate between the two. So don't be passive! Get active, and identify whether the sentences below are in active or passive voice!

For more information, check out our article on active voice, passive voice, voice.

1. Dentists are assisted by dental hygienists.
2. My spouse arrived by plane at 6:55 a.m.
3. By pure coincidence, Rashid came into the store when I happened to be there.
4. We were bitten by mosquitoes at the cottage!
5. My wallet was found on the street.
6. The argument was rejected.
7. The director studied the file and gave her comments.
8. The committee assured me that no follow-up was necessary at the moment.
9. The child was invited by his friend from daycare.
10. Canadian artist Leonard Cohen won numerous awards throughout his career.