Verbs 1

How well do you know the different types of verbs?

An action verb shows what its subject is doing. A linking verb links a subject to its subject complement. A helping verb comes before another verb to help show tense or express ideas like ability or obligation. Name the type of verb in square brackets in each of these sentences.

But before you try our quiz, here are some examples to get you started:

He [could feel] the pebble in his shoe.
In this sentence feel is an action verb, and could is a helping verb.

She [felt] queasy.
In this sentence felt is a linking verb.

1. Nicole [is] writing her monthly report.
2. Frankenstein [is] the name of the scientist, not the monster.
3. Stella usually [reads] on a rainy afternoon.
4. This year I [should] read all of Margaret Atwood's novels.
5. The entire team [lingered] in the cafeteria to watch the hockey game on TV.
6. The stew that Gordon made [smells] too spicy to me.
7. The cat [smelled] the dish of stew placed before it.
8. Charles [turned] his ankle when he ran down the hall.
9. After smoking three cigars, Fernando [turned] green.
10. Julie [can] turn to her supervisor for help with her project.