How to use “such as” correctly

“Such as” may seem like a simple phrase to use, but there are a few rules that you have to know to use it correctly. Put your knowledge of these rules to the test with our quiz!

1. Which sentence tells us that Eric's works will be included in the art show?
2. A healthy diet includes a variety of fruit, Placeholder for the answer apples, bananas, oranges and berries.
3. Which sentence tells us that Frank enjoys activities similar to hang gliding (but he doesn't necessarily hang glide)?
4. The colon is correctly used in the sentence “Mariana had the qualities of a great engineer: such as strong problem-solving skills, an analytical mind and a keen eye for detail.”
5. Ancient ruins in cities Placeholder for the answer Athens and Rome are so awe-inspiring!
6. At the end of a list of examples introduced by “such as,” it is unnecessary to add “etc.”
7. A talented dancer, Tara excels at ballroom dance styles Placeholder for the answer the tango, the waltz and the quickstep.