Happily ever after

Fairy tales have been used for centuries, all over the world, to awaken the imagination of children, to entertain them, and even to teach lessons and convey values.

Test your knowledge of some of the best-known tales! See if you can find the fairy tale character described in the questions below.

1. The girl in this fairy tale must spin straw into gold or be put to death. This dwarf comes to her rescue.
2. This little girl is carrying a basket of food to her grandmother when she meets a big, bad wolf in the forest.
3. This young man from Baghdad makes seven sea voyages.
4. This princess with a fish’s tail and an enchanting voice saves a shipwrecked prince from drowning.
5. A poor soldier is able to discover their secret with the aid of a magic cloak.
6. This young man searches for a magic lamp containing a genie with the power to grant wishes.
7. This tiny girl was born from a flower and sleeps in a walnut-shell bed.
8. This maiden is imprisoned in a high tower by a witch, who visits her by climbing up her long golden hair.
9. This little boy is a wooden puppet whose nose grows longer every time he lies.
10. This girl is treated badly by her stepfamily, who force her to clean all day and to sleep in the attic.