Types of nouns 1

There are many different types of nouns: proper, common, concrete, abstract, countable, non-countable, collective, verbal and compound. See if you can identify the types of nouns shown in square brackets in the sentences below.

1. The [Rideau Canal] is a Unesco World Heritage Site.
2. The Canal connects two [cities]: Ottawa and Kingston.
3. The Rideau Canal was built for military and commercial [purposes].
4. To commemorate the workers who died during the [building] of the Canal, the Rideau Canal Celtic Cross memorial was erected along the canal route in Ottawa.
5. The monument is also dedicated to the [families] of the workers.
6. During winter, approximately eight kilometres of the Canal becomes a [skateway].
7. [Malaria] was endemic in Ontario during the construction of the canal.
8. The Rideau Waterway was designated a Canadian Heritage River in the [year] 2000.
9. The [locks] of the Rideau Canal are still operated the way they were in 1832, when the Canal was first built.