Transitive and intransitive verbs 3

Action verbs can be transitive or intransitive, or both. Transitive verbs take a direct object—a word or word group that answers the questions what or whom after the verb. Intransitive verbs do not take an object.

To see if you understand the difference between these two types of verbs, try your hand at this quiz. In each question below, identify the verb in square brackets.

1. A thin layer of snow [covered] the ground.
2. Mirella [realized] that winter was here.
3. She [sprang] out of bed and started her morning routine.
4. First, she prepared an invigorating cup of espresso to [wake] herself [up].
5. Then she [showered] and dressed.
6. Mirella [descended] to the kitchen and packed her lunch.
7. She threw on her down coat and [pulled on] her winter boots.
8. She jumped into the car and [drove] to work.