Prime ministers of Canada

In celebration of Canada Day, we take a brief look at some of the leaders who have helped to shape our nation! Decipher the clues in the quiz below to determine the names of various past and present prime ministers.

Instructions: Each question consists of a series of clues. First, find the term that corresponds to each clue: for example, myself + negative prefix = me + un. Then string the terms together to get the whole word: in this case, Meighen. But be careful! As with me-un and Meighen, you may have to rely on sound—and ignore spelling—to find the final answer!

1. hissing sound + French for "eh" + knowledge + French for "in"
2. weary by dullness + animal lair
3. what you call a Scot who is hard of hearing + marsh + bread maker
4. box + yearning
5. newly arrived + faithful + female deer
6. not far above the ground + concerning + Canadian tag question
7. Bud + know + view + ruler
8. look + male child
9. Queen’s raincoat + put on + what you call strawberries prepared by a Cockney
10. vegetable + tune + factual + batter for bread
11. London clock + mesh
12. ruminate + Pooh’s friend + lower limb joint