Prairie parlance

Prairie regionalisms are words or expressions that originate and are used in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. For example, a "meat shoulder" is not just a cut of meat; it's a game played at a Manitoban social gathering where one person pats a piece of meat on another's shoulder!

Are you well versed in Prairie talk? To find out, fill in the blanks in the sentences below with the correct Prairie word or expression.

1. Francine's foot sank in snow up to her knees, and she ended up with a Placeholder for the answer.
2. When Derek opened the front door, two little boys dressed as Minions shouted "Placeholder for the answer!"
3. Chris and Carl held a Placeholder for the answer to help them pay for their wedding reception.
4. Saroosh ordered a coffee and a Placeholder for the answer, his favourite doughnut.
5. It was a cold August night; everyone wore a Placeholder for the answer around the campfire.
6. Coffee, tea and Placeholder for the answer were served in the main lobby following the concert.
7. Marjorie heard all the details of the incident over her morning espresso at Placeholder for the answer.
8. The recipe for traditional Placeholder for the answer includes chopped dates, oats, butter and brown sugar.
9. Placeholder for the answer is a hockey-like sport that originated in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
10. After dancing for hours, guests were treated to a delicious Placeholder for the answer.