Poor or poorly?

Poor is an adjective; it can be used before a noun or after a linking verb. However, poorly can be either an adjective or an adverb. As an adjective, it follows a linking verb and means “sick” or “unwell”; as an adverb, it modifies an action verb and answers the question “how.”

Using these clues, see if you can fill in the blanks below with the correct choice.

1. Chloé rarely consumes vegetables and seems to relish fried foods. That child eats so Placeholder for the answer.
2. Because of macular degeneration, Sylvain’s eyesight is becoming Placeholder for the answer.
3. Agathe barely ate her supper; she’s feeling Placeholder for the answer.
4. With only one breadwinner now, the family lives quite Placeholder for the answer.
5. The food at the restaurant was of Placeholder for the answer quality.
6. Tony speaks French, English and Farsi fluently, but he speaks Spanish Placeholder for the answer.
7. The weather in Weyburn, Saskatchewan, is Placeholder for the answer today.
8. Rafael was so full of anxiety the night before the exam that he slept Placeholder for the answer.
9. The children looked Placeholder for the answer for days after the accident.