Plurals of compounds: The sequel

Forming the plurals of compounds can be tricky, because the plural inflection (for example, -s, -es, -ies) doesn't always go at the end of the compound word. Test your knowledge of plural compounds by taking the quiz below. Remember that if you're really stumped, you can always check the dictionary!

1. A list of Canada’s current and former Placeholder for the answer is available on the Parliament of Canada website.
2. A few Placeholder for the answer were escorted from the accident site when the ambulances arrived.
3. The gang members have had several Placeholder for the answer with the police lately.
4. Nelson has quite an impressive collection of vintage Placeholder for the answer.
5. In the Prime Minister’s Office, Placeholder for the answer are sometimes simply called "chiefs."
6. The university will look into why so few Placeholder for the answer are pursuing postgraduate studies.
7. With every purchase of an ergonomic mouse, you'll receive two free Placeholder for the answer.
8. In the last Canada Day Challenge, the Department of Canadian Heritage published the names of the Placeholder for the answer.
9. Their Placeholder for the answer enjoyed the guided tour of Parliament.
10. The Placeholder for the answer decided to hold a last-minute meeting.