Parallel structure with correlative conjunctions 2

Errors in parallel structure can slip into our writing all too easily—and that’s especially true with correlative, or two-part, conjunctions such as both … and, not … but, not only … but also, neither … nor or either … or. When using one of these two-part conjunctions, we have to be sure to use the same part of speech (noun, verb, etc.) or the same grammatical structure (phrase, clause) after each part.

In each question below, see if you can tell whether the sentence is parallel or not.

1. The translator must be familiar with the culture of both the source and target languages.
2. To get to the lake, you can go either to the left or turn right.
3. Neither the manager nor her staff realized they had been nominated for the award.
4. Ontario wines not only win awards nationally but also abroad.
5. We must fight not with our fists but with our words.
6. Josianne is not only a great cook, but she also loves to sing.
7. Greg is either studying in the library or working out at the gym.
8. The caller’s remarks were both insulting to the radio host and caused offence to listeners.