Merry Christmas in many languages

Christmas is here again! This traditional season of peace and good will is a popular one in Canada and abroad, and many different languages have a special greeting for this time of year. You are probably familiar with Joyeux Noël, the French equivalent of "Merry Christmas." But do you know how to greet friends and neighbours who speak a language other than English or French? We've got 10 to choose from!

In the following questions, see if you can match the Christmas greeting with the language. (An approximate pronunciation is given in the answers. The capitals tell you which syllables are stressed.)

1. ¡Feliz Navidad!
2. Buon Natale!
3. Nollaig chridheil!
4. God Jul!
5. S Rozhdestvom khristovym!
6. Vrolijk Kerstfeest!
7. Hauskaa Joulua!
8. Kala Xristougenna!
9. Frohe Weihnachten!
10. Quviasuvvimi quviasugitsi!