Back to work!

Take our latest rebus quiz on work-related vocabulary. It will require a sharp mind!

Instructions: Each question consists of a series of clues. First, find the term that corresponds to each clue: for example, put + prickly seed = lay + burr. Then string the terms together to get the whole word: in this case, labour. But be careful! As with burr and -bour, you may have to rely on sound—and ignore spelling—to find the final answer!

1. herb + 9th letter of the alphabet + gentlemen (informal)
2. go in + reward
3. fashionable + powdery earth + sapling
4. hire + intended
5. opposite of "go" + special assignment
6. compensation + short form of "Benjamin" + look at
7. feeling of wonder + lineup (in the U.K.) + settle a debt + snub
8. payable + hot drink
9. indefinite article + omen + signified
10. in real time + meadow + head covering