Valentine vocabulary

For centuries, people have looked on the feast of Saint Valentine as a special day to share their feelings with the ones they love. If you’re looking for the right words, you may find inspiration in this quiz on Valentine vocabulary!

Each question below consists of a series of clues. First, find the term that corresponds to each clue: for example, sugary + male deer = sweet + hart. Then string the terms together to get the whole word: in this case, sweetheart. But be careful! As with the words hart and heart, you may have to rely on sound—and ignore spelling—to find the final answer!

1. foreign capital + one + insect
2. judge’s domain + boat
3. bottom of shoe + overflowing
4. one + entryway + one + male cow
5. stop + hearing organ + intended
6. cost + upon + speak
7. lean + deserve + 19th letter
8. male deer + touched
9. aroma + 9th letter + intellectual
10. burn + Chinese dynasty