Verbal remedies 2

Can you tell a gerund from a participle? Is your knowledge of infinitives finite? Select the type of verbal (i.e. a verb form filling in as a noun, adjective or adverb) that corresponds with the word or words in square brackets.

1. It was such a beautiful autumn evening that I decided [to walk] home from work.
2. [Swimming] is a great form of low-impact cardiovascular exercise.
3. [Determined] to achieve a new personal best, Carolyne trained diligently for her upcoming race.
4. Karl went out [to get] milk.
5. Daniel is [delighted] with his interior decorator's choice of furniture and paint colours for his condo.
6. In spite of [getting] caught in traffic, we still made it to the play on time.
7. The offer was [interesting], but Alyson turned it down.
8. I think your blue suit would be the best one [to wear] to the reception.