Midsummer magic

In the folklore of former centuries, midsummer was a time when fairies and their mischief were especially likely to intrude on the mortal world—just as they did in A Midsummer Night’s Dream! Add a little magic to your summer reveries with our Midsummer magic quiz. Decipher the clues below to enter the world of fairytales and enchantment!

Instructions: Each question consists of a series of clues. First, find the term that corresponds to each clue: for example, pull + weapon = drag + gun. Then string the terms together to get the whole word: in this case, dragon. But be careful! As with gun and -gon, you may have to rely on sound—and ignore spelling—to find the final answer!

1. photos + effortlessness
2. loathsome person + ottoman
3. university (in the U.K.) + grows on ears
4. mediocre + alleviate
5. impulse + zed (in the U.S.)
6. stylish + recite repeatedly + aromatic herb
7. 4th letter + dock
8. coins + cod-like fish
9. volition + descended from (in Ireland) + definite article + small person
10. forehead + leg joint