Gardening 101: Techniques and activities

Are you familiar with the techniques and activities related to gardening? Would you know what they are called in French? This quiz will allow you to increase your knowledge of gardening in both languages. Just translate the terms set off by square brackets into French. Time to get digging!

1. Some climbing plants, such as clematis or vines, require [training].
2. [Layering] is a plant propagation method.
3. Cacti older than three years do not necessarily require [repotting] every year.
4. [Cutting] is a simple way of propagating plants by means of new shoots that will form roots in a glass of water.
5. [Division] is a method of propagation that revitalizes perennials.
6. Sowing in rows makes weeding and [pricking out] easier.
7. [Sowing] seeds indoors in March is a good way to give your plants a headstart.
8. [Grafting] vegetables such as tomatoes and eggplants is easy.
9. Ladybugs and soapy water are organic [treatments] for aphids.
10. [Weeding] prevents unwanted plants from taking over the garden.