Yellow-and-black-striped flying insects

All those stinging or buzzing insects with their yellow-and-black-striped abdomens—how does a body keep them straight? Fortunately, entomology, the study of insects, has provided all these flying creatures with their own specific names, in both English and French. Can you recognize these insects (or their family) in the descriptions and clues below? We’ll juzzt zzzee if you can!

1. Queen, worker or drone
2. An aggressive insect that can sting about ten times in a single minute
3. A large biting and bloodsucking fly that feeds on the blood of animals and humans
4. A plump, hairy insect that is larger than a bee
5. A large red-and-yellow insect with a black thorax, whose sting is very painful
6. The male honeybee
7. A fly with a yellow-and-black abdomen and short antennae, that flies rapidly
8. Sterile females that maintain the hive and gather pollen from flowers
9. The bee, bumblebee, wasp and hornet belong to which order of insects?
10. The horsefly and the hoverfly belong to which order of insects?