Indigenous loan words: Places, animals and more!

Canadian English has borrowed many words from Indigenous languages. Some of these loan words designate animals and plants, while others describe Indigenous life and culture. Brush up on your Indigenous vocabulary by taking the quiz below. You’ll be surprised by the origin of some common—and not so common—words!

1. Which British Columbian city derives its name from the Okanagan word meaning "female grizzly bear"?
2. A kamik is a boot traditionally made of caribou hide or Placeholder for the answer skin.
3. Which of the words below is of Algonquian origin?
4. What is the correct spelling of the word that refers to a soft leather shoe or slipper?
5. What does the word Quebec mean?
6. Which animal is commonly known as an elk?
7. Which of the words below is derived from an Indigenous word?
8. Which of the words below means "the people" in Inuktitut?
9. Which of the fruits below takes its name from an Indigenous word?
10. Which animal name comes from an Odawa root meaning "upside down"?