Words with a French flavour

Have you heard of the Norman Conquest of England in 1066? This historic event changed the English language forever! French became the ruling language in England for over 300 years. The result: thousands of French words entered the English language.

In each of the sentences below, see if you can identify which of the words in square brackets made its way into the English language from “la langue de Molière.”

1. As its signature [dish], the restaurant served [meat] pastries filled with beef and [spices].
2. The [words] “[purchase]” and “[buy]” are synonyms, but they belong to different levels of language.
3. My husband and I are [looking] forward to our new [electric] [car].
4. Vancouver is a densely [populated] [city] with mountains to the north and ocean to the [west].
5. The [item] of furniture known as the “Barcelona [chair]” was designed for the 1929 exposition [held] in Barcelona, Spain.
6. Canada is the second largest [country] in the [world], with vast [expanses] of wilderness.
7. Mark has [travelled] to locations across Canada to indulge his [love] of rock [climbing].
8. It takes all [kinds] of [people] to make an office [run] properly.
9. On the menu [tonight]: rice-stuffed [cabbage] rolls with fresh [red] tomatoes.
10. ”The [Boat] People,” a novel by [author] Sharon Bala, is one of the contenders for this [year]’s Canada Reads.