Faulty comparisons 2

A comparative sentence is a sentence in which a comparison is being made between two or more things. Often in writing—and in speech—this comparison is faulty because it has fallen victim to one of these errors: the comparison is incomplete, illogical or unclear; or the grammatical structure is incorrect.

1. Annabelle just isn’t as strong.
2. Laura’s guacamole is tastier than Mexicali Munchies Restaurant.
3. Four-year old Nicholas has more energy than any child I know.
4. Christmas preparations can be just as stressful, if not more stressful, than wedding preparations.
5. Joe spent more time coaching Elizabeth than Ingrid.
6. With a full course load at university and a part-time job, Nathalie is finding that her winter term is heavy as her fall term.
7. Salvatore’s way of thinking is no more justified than Franco.