Faulty comparisons 1

A comparative sentence is a sentence in which a comparison is being made between two or more things. Often in writing—and in speech—this comparison is faulty because it has fallen victim to one of these errors: the comparison is incomplete; the elements being compared are dissimilar; or the comparison is unclear.

See if you can identify whether the comparative sentences below are correct.

1. Émilie worked harder on this assignment.
2. Roland's new bike is not as heavy as his old one.
3. Because of the movie based on his novel, Michael Ondaatje's name is better known than many prize-winning authors
4. Mia is friendlier than anyone I know.
5. Athletes can be just as unhealthy, or even unhealthier, than people who lead sedentary lifestyles.
6. Which sentence is correct?
7. Lola spends more money on her dog than Jeremy.
8. The shingles on the house are as damaged as those on the garage.