Famous lovers in literature

Literature abounds with love stories of all kinds, from epic tales of tumultuous and tragic love to unlikely unions that triumph despite all odds. This Valentine's Day, see if you can match each romantic couple featured in our "Famous lovers in literature" quiz!

Instructions: Each question consists of a series of clues. First, find the term that corresponds to each clue: for example, conjunction + cost + object pronoun = or + fee + us. String the terms together to get the whole word: in this case, Orpheus. But be careful! As with fee and -phe, you may have to rely on sound—and ignore spelling—to find the answer!

Once you have figured out the lover's name, you have to select the matching lover from the list of names beneath the question. (For example, in the case of Orpheus, you would look for his lover Eurydice—and not Orpheus—in the list.)


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