Canadian language facts 1

In the 2011 Census of Population, Canada’s 34 million people reported more than 200 languages as a home language or mother tongue. How much do you know about Canada’s languages? To find out, see if you can answer the questions below.

1. What are the three most commonly spoken Aboriginal languages in Canada?
2. In 2011, which province or territory had the highest proportion of people with an Aboriginal mother tongue?
3. In 2011, how many people in Canada considered themselves bilingual in English and French?
4. In 2011, 80% of the people in Canada reported either English or French as their mother tongue. How was that proportion divided?
5. In 2011, what proportion of Canada’s population spoke a language other than English or French at home?
6. Which immigrant language showed the strongest growth as the language spoken most often at home?
7. In 2011, which province or territory had the largest proportion of people speaking at least two languages at home?
8. Which is the top immigrant language reported in Canada?
9. Which province or territory saw the most significant growth in the number of people reporting French as a mother tongue or as the main language at home?