Latin expressions

Latin may be a dead language, but its influence on English and a number of other modern languages is still going strong! Not only is it present in legal, scientific and medical fields, but it also occurs in everyday writing and speech in the form of abbreviations (such as e.g., i.e., a.m. and p.m.) and borrowed words and phrases (ergo, per se, circa and sic, for example).

It’s safe to say, then, that you are likely more fluent in Latin than you realize! So why not put your Latin knowledge to the test by answering the questions below?

1. What does a posteriori mean?
2. What does bona fide mean?
3. A modus operandi is…
4. What does ad hoc mean?
5. What does nota bene mean?
6. A professor emeritus is…
7. An ex officio member is…
8. What is an alma mater?
9. What does quorum mean?
10. What does stet mean?