Dangling modifiers 3

You can wear dangling earrings with a strapless dress, lead a horse to water with a dangling carrot and tap your toes to Paul Simon's "The Dangling Conversation." But what can you do with dangling modifiers? Recognize and avoid them!

Can you tell whether the modifiers in these sentences are correct or dangling?

1. Having finished his homework, the dog was taken for a walk.
2. To get a good night's sleep, a dark room is essential.
3. Galloping across the plains, the wild horses gleamed with sweat.
4. Tired and depressed, Randy's allergies got the best of him.
5. At the age of five, my father decided I should become a doctor.
6. By the age of ten, Sarah had lost both grandparents.
7. As a two-month old kitten, Ashton's brother took Simba to the vet.