Commonly misused phrases

In English, a solecism is a phrase that doesn't follow the rules of grammar. Sometimes, these phrases are used incorrectly so often that we aren't even aware they're mistakes. See if you can spot which of the sentences below contain a commonly misused phrase.

1. The jury found the defendant guilty, based on the evidence.
2. The jury must give a verdict based on the evidence presented at the trial.
3. The investigator had a couple more questions for the witness.
4. For a couple weeks each spring, volunteers clean up the banks of the river.
5. Some people could care less about the environment; they never recycle.
6. Patrick wants a job he enjoys; he couldn't care less about the money.
7. Extroverts are good to have on a team, but introverts are equally as important.
8. Each debating team made equally good arguments.
9. Italics are used to set off words that are referred to as such.
10. Andrew wrote his essay on "youth in Asia" instead of "euthanasia." As such, he got a failing grade.