Know your Canadian women authors 2

Canada has no shortage of talented women writers. See if you can match the following books with their authors.

1. Ossuaries, a collection of English poetry, won the Griffin Poetry Prize in 2011. Who wrote it?
2. Although French is not her mother tongue, she won the Prix Québec-Paris for her French novel L'ingratitude in 1996.
3. She is one of the first published Indigenous poets in Canada.
4. In 1883, this author was the first woman in Canada to be hired as a professional journalist.
5. An authority on the Acadian dialect, this author is best known for her play La Sagouine, about an Acadian washerwoman from rural New Brunswick.
6. Although English is her mother tongue, this Calgary-born novelist writes in French and translates her own works into English.
7. Before writing her first memoir, Prisoner of Tehran, this author worked at a Swiss Chalet in Aurora, Ontario.
8. Which Canadian poet and novelist wrote The Underpainter, winner of the 1997 Governor General's Award for English fiction.
9. This former CBC radio broadcaster won the 2007 Scotiabank Giller Prize for Late Nights on Air. Who is she?