Although or however

It's easy to confuse although and however because they're both used to show a contrast between ideas. But they aren't the same kind of word. Although is used to start a dependent clause (DC). However is used to link two independent clauses (IC) that have a full stop between them.

See if you have mastered the use of these words by trying our quiz!

1. I feel extremely tired, Placeholder for the answer I went to bed early last night.
2. I left on time; Placeholder for the answer, heavy traffic caused me to be late.
3. I'm running a little late with the speech; Placeholder for the answer, I expect to finish it by this afternoon.
4. They're still going camping, Placeholder for the answer it will be raining all weekend.
5. James made the basket, Placeholder for the answer he is much shorter than his one-on-one opponent, John.
6. We will have lunch outside. Placeholder for the answer, we will move inside in the event of rain.
7. Marie speaks English well, Placeholder for the answer her first language is French.
8. Marie speaks English well; her first language, Placeholder for the answer, is French.
9. David loves Bollywood movies, Placeholder for the answer he doesn't speak Hindi.
10. We will have to move; Placeholder for the answer the rent is good, the apartment is in poor repair.