Abbreviations abound

Abbreviations (shortened forms of full terms) are everywhere, so we should know how to deal with them in our writing. Try this quiz to see how you measure up!

1. Which example illustrates the correct punctuation to use with a person’s initials?
2. How do you correctly punctuate the Latin abbreviation meaning "for example"?
3. Which abbreviation is used before the name of an individual who has received an honorary degree?
4. Which sentence uses the correct abbreviation for the province of Ontario in formal writing?
5. Which sentence is correct?
6. Which sentence illustrates the correct way to write specific time in a time zone?
7. Which example illustrates the correct way to represent a percentage amounting to one half, using the per cent symbol?
8. How is the word "latitude" abbreviated?
9. What is another correct way to express "eight metres"?
10. Which of the following abbreviations can be used freely in the body of a text?