Food clichés: Tasty sayings

Overusing clichés is never a good idea—but there’s no doubt that colourful language can help liven up a text. Test your knowledge with this quiz that’s stuffed with food-related clichés!

1. Stop asking your unemployed brother for money. Don’t you know that you can’t squeeze blood out of a Placeholder for the answer?
2. Many so-called medical experts provide free online advice. If I were you, I would take what they say with a grain of Placeholder for the answer.
3. When Lucio’s marriage ended, he went back to school and started dating again. You know what they say: “When life hands you Placeholder for the answer, make Placeholder for the answer.”
4. Francis really over-egged the Placeholder for the answer when he threw his 10‑year‑old dog a lavish birthday party.
5. Tina works out at the gym every day, hoping her stomach will be as flat as a Placeholder for the answer by summer.
6. The fog over the bridge was as thick as Placeholder for the answer this morning. Even with the headlights on, I couldn’t see five metres in front of me.
7. Hey! Wake up and smell the Placeholder for the answer! If you don’t start eating right and exercising, you might become diabetic.