Food clichés: Delicious expressions

Overusing clichés is never a good idea—but there's no doubt that colourful language can help liven up a text. Test your knowledge with this quiz that's stuffed with food-related clichés.

1. Mateo adores his newborn baby girl; she is the Placeholder for the answer of his eye.
2. If you want your money back, you had better be nice to the store manager. Don’t you know that you can catch more flies with Placeholder for the answer than with vinegar?
3. If you wait for Jason to finish his chores, you’ll be here till Christmas; he’s as slow as Placeholder for the answer in January.
4. The new accountant was let go after three months because she couldn’t cut the Placeholder for the answer.
5. Please get out of the kitchen while I make dinner. Too many cooks spoil the Placeholder for the answer.
6. The criminal lawyer’s arguments didn’t amount to a hill of Placeholder for the answer; the jury still found the defendant guilty.
7. I could never live with Aunt Zelda. As much as I love her, she’s as nutty as a Placeholder for the answer.