False friends 1

Over the years, English has assimilated many words from French. While some of these French and English words may still look alike, they often have different meanings. In French, these words are known as faux amis; in English, we call them false cognates. In the following quiz, avoid "false friends" by choosing the right word to fill the blank.

1. The sales manager called a Placeholder for the answer to discuss the new marketing campaign.
2. Heather drinks Placeholder for the answer juice every day because it has the same heart benefits as wine.
3. Stuart, a retired high school Placeholder for the answer, now volunteers at the library helping newcomers to Canada learn English.
4. Serena Placeholder for the answer the project well before the deadline.
5. Tanya volunteered to be the Placeholder for the answer of the focus group.
6. There's a choir Placeholder for the answer every Wednesday night at the community centre.
7. The computer programmers are Placeholder for the answer working to resolve the firewall issues.