False friends: I spy a Gallicism

Over the years, English has assimilated many words from French. While some of these French and English words may still look alike, they often have different meanings. In French, these words are known as faux amis; in English, we call them false cognates. In the following quiz, avoid false friends by choosing the right word to fill the blank.

1. My daughter is an Placeholder for the answer of the Lycée Claudel school based in Ottawa.
2. The Placeholder for the answer prime minister will address members of the cabinet committee on Canada-U.S. relations.
3. The dermatologist recommended that acne-prone teens use a mild soap to help clear Placeholder for the answer.
4. The agent must Placeholder for the answer your train ticket before departure.
5. Rosemma develops skin rashes easily, because she has very Placeholder for the answer skin.
6. As opposed to European streets, residential streets in North America are quite Placeholder for the answer.
7. List the tasks you have successfully Placeholder for the answer beneath each objective in your performance review.
8. Of course that’s true. You’re stating the Placeholder for the answer.
9. Could you please take this box down to the Placeholder for the answer?
10. Do you have Placeholder for the answer for a $10 bill?