Discover Acadia!

All aboard! Our tour of Acadia is about to begin! We've created a quiz that will test your language skills and give you a glimpse of Acadian history and culture.

In the questions below, choose the correct answer to complete the sentence.

1. Most tourists who visit Campbellton Placeholder for the answer go to see Restigouche Sam, an enormous statue of a salmon.
2. You can go on a Placeholder for the answer trip to Hopewell Rocks, in the Bay of Fundy, to see the tide rise and fall.
3. Before we leave the Acadian Peninsula, we should buy some souvenirs of the Grande-Anse Lighthouse to Placeholder for the answer home with us.
4. The campers Placeholder for the answer their fish hooks before casting their lines into the Big Tracadie River.
5. Originally from Bouctouche, Placeholder for the answer author Antonine Maillet wrote La Sagouine.
6. Upper Sackville was known as Tintamarre when the Acadians settled it in 1708. These days, residents of Sackville are called Placeholder for the answer.
7. The Festival acadien de Caraquet showcases the work of a large Placeholder for the answer of Acadian singers, musicians and poets.
8. Singer-songwriter Caroline Savoie, Placeholder for the answer hometown is Dieppe, has won many awards, including the SOCAN Best Song Award at the Festival international de la chanson de Granby.
9. Arichat, located on Isle Madame, was considered a strategic site because its natural harbour was deep and Placeholder for the answer.
10. A number of homes and shops in Lower West Pubnico's Historic Acadian Village Placeholder for the answer how Acadia's pioneers lived.