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Language Navigator

Find information on grammar, spelling and punctuation, and solutions for difficult points of English and French.


Find the translation for words used in specific fields, in English and French.


Official Languages Hub®

Use this search tool to access a wide array of resources from the Government of Canada on various aspects of official languages.

Writing tools

Consult our writing tools to find solutions to language problems in English and French.

The Our Languages blog

Read posts by language lovers and find out how you, too, can write for the Our Languages blog!


Test your knowledge of language and polish your writing skills—all while having fun.

Collection of Canadian language resources

Explore links to writing resources, glossaries and dictionaries, language learning, and organizations and events.

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About the Language Portal of Canada

Read a description of our main resources, learn how they’re funded, and find out how to contact our team.

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Inuk, Inuit (Linguistic recommendation from the Translation Bureau)

Check out the Translation Bureau’s linguistic recommendation on how to use the words Inuk and Inuit within the federal public service.

Inclusive writing – Guidelines and resources

Looking for tips on writing inclusively in English or French? Consult our Guidelines for Inclusive Writing and our list of resources for inclusive and respectful language.

Action Plan for Official Languages 2023–2028

The Language Portal of Canada is funded through the Action Plan for Official Languages.