Review: Verb Mood

Indicate whether the highlighted verbs in the following sentences are in the correct mood.

  1. If an elephant was to fly through this window, I’d eat your toque.
  2. The chef insists that the wholesaler deliver fresh salad greens every morning.
  3. It is crucial that Wendell arrives on time.
  4. If this apartment was any smaller, we would suffocate.
  5. The committee recommends that all three buildings are condemned.
  6. If Mae West was alive, she might enjoy Madonna’s performances.
  7. Watson requires that his personal trainer provides receipts.
  8. If messing up an office cubicle was an Olympic sport, Lynn would win a gold medal.
  9. Bunbury wished that Oscar Wilde were still alive to write a sequel to The Importance of Being Earnest.

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