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Review: Sentence Structure

By learning to name the different types of sentences, you will develop a more sophisticated understanding of how language works. Indicate whether each of the following examples is a simple sentence, compound sentence, complex sentence or compound-complex sentence.

  1. Ottawa is the capital of Canada, and Toronto is the capital of Ontario.
  2. Democracy is a noble goal; it is important, however, to protect the minority from the tyranny of the majority.
  3. I do not own a Porsche.
  4. Call your team leader as soon as you arrive in Antigonish.
  5. Joe ate the sushi and left the restaurant.
  6. Unless my friend in Calgary postpones her visit, I will not have time to write this report.
  7. Suzanne wanted to be here, but she cannot come because her car is in the shop.
  8. The football game was cancelled because it was raining.
  9. The football game was cancelled because of the rain.
  10. When the train arrives, and if Ms. Lang is on it, she will be served with a subpoena.

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