Review: Parts of the Sentence

Identify the highlighted word in each of the sentences below as a simple subject, a verb, a direct object, an indirect object or a subject complement.

  1. The old house on the hill gave Nora chills and conjured up images of ghosts and monsters.
  2. Next to the china cabinet, Mrs. Wilkes placed a polished side table and an antique jug.
  3. Despite winning the lottery last week, my team leader still seems unhappy.
  4. The alumni association gave the university a large endowment for the scholarship fund.
  5. Some experts believe it is easy to overstate the role that genes and heredity play in determining a person’s predisposition to alcoholism.
  6. Although the movie was exciting, Luigi grew drowsy and slept through it.
  7. I don’t know how Emma can understand anything Luigi says.
  8. There were no credits after the movie.
  9. Natalie and her new boyfriend, Luigi, will be going to the symphony next week.
  10. The company has been mailing me CD catalogues ever since I bought my sound system.

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