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I love languages. I think I always have. Being from Argentina, Spanish is my mother tongue. Then I started learning English as a teen. Many years later, I came to Canada to pursue graduate studies in translation and that's when I started learning French seriously. Later on, I met a Brazilian, and Portuguese entered the picture. I'm very lucky to live and work in four languages everyday: I work as a terminologist enriching TERMIUM®, and at home, I will only speak in Spanish, while my husband only speaks in Portuguese. This is how we speak to each other, in a different language, it's sort of crazy and fun. We're raising our children like that and it's turning out well: they can communicate with us and extended family in our own languages, they learnt English at their daycare and now spend most of their days in a public French school. We are language "chameleons" since we're able to change "colours" and fully participate in different situations and interact with diverse groups. I truly appreciate living in Canada and having that chance.