How to use the Official Languages Hub®

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Would you like to learn how to search for content in the Official Languages Hub® or filter your search results? Read the instructions below.

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There are 2 ways to access the many resources available through the Official Languages Hub®: search by keyword or by theme.

The search by keyword option allows you to find pages containing the word(s) you are looking for.

The search by theme option displays a list of all the pages related to a specific theme, such as:

  • language of work
  • service delivery
  • second language evaluation
  • promotion of official languages
  • official language minority communities

Search by keyword

To search by keyword:

  1. Go to the Hub's main page.
  2. Enter the search word(s) in the search field. For example, you could search for:
    • bilingualism (to find all the pages containing the word “bilingualism”)
    • bilingualism workplace (to find all the pages containing both “bilingualism” and “workplace”)
    • “bilingualism in the workplace” (to find all the pages containing the expression “bilingualism in the workplace”)
  3. If you would like your search results to contain only English pages or only French pages, select the appropriate option in the “Search in” drop-down menu. By default, the engine searches in both English pages and French pages.
  4. If you wish, you can use the “Sort by” drop-down list to select the order in which the results are displayed. By default, the results are sorted by relevance. You can also sort by number of views, an option which displays the most frequently viewed pages from the Official Languages Hub®.
  5. Select “Search.”

Search by theme

To search by theme:

  1. Go to the Search by theme in the Official Languages Hub® page.
  2. Select a theme in the list. The themes are:
    • Administrative writing
    • Best practices
    • Funding
    • Language of work
    • Learning
    • Legislation and regulations
    • Linguistic services
    • Official language minority communities
    • Planning and accountability
    • Promotion of official languages
    • Reference and statistical data
    • Second language evaluation
    • Service delivery
  3. Select a subtheme to refine your search, or select “All” to see all the results related to the theme.

Understanding and filtering your search results

For each result, the page title is followed by a short excerpt from the text (in which the keywords appear in bold). The page source appears below the excerpt.

You can use the filters located below “Filter your results” to refine your search results. The options are:

  • by language
  • by source (option available only to individuals who use the Government of Canada network)
  • by content type
  • by theme and subtheme

The number of search results related to each filter is shown in brackets.

To refine your search results, simply check the box next to the desired filter. The pages that do not match the selected filter will be eliminated from the list. You will then be able to select another filter, if required. The selected filters will be displayed above your search results, in the “Current selected search filters” box.

If you think that you have refined the results too much, deactivate one or more filters. To do so, you can:

  • click on the “X” next to the filter you want to eliminate in the “Current selected search filters” box
  • click on the “Delete selected filters” button
  • uncheck the box on the left of the filter below “Filter your results”

Once you have found the page you are searching for, click on its title. The page will open in a new tab.

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